PDM Group LLC – Reality about Online Reviews and Ratings with Some Shocking Revelations

The PDM Group LLCEverything is fair in love and war, and with intense competition online, the web space is nothing short of a battle field wherein each is up and ready to gain the top spot and come across as the ‘hero’ to their target customer-base. This is one of the major reasons why so many review and rating sites have mushroomed across the web. Founded with a noble intention to steer potential customers in the right direction by providing honest reviews, some shady companies have made in-roads into customer advocacy sites to tamper reviews and influence customers in the wrong way.

While it may seem that the customer advocacy site is providing you with genuine reviews and impressive stats on how complains are dealt with, that’s just half the truth. Their vested interest isn’t limited to serving as a portal that allows you to voice your opinions and gives a platform to stand up for your rights. Let’s explore the other side of review and rating sites.

Reality #1: Most Rating Services Survive on Corporate Money.

It is a no-brainer. A lot of customer advocacy sites are funded by corporate institutes that are reviewed and rated on such sites. Though you might have come across on such sites that they don’t feature paid reviews, however where most sites actually get their money is in the form of funds from corporate. This creates an unsaid link-up between the two and that’s where company ratings are compromised and reviews are glorified. You get the picture, right?

This clearly puts pressure on companies that are committed to fair practices such as The PDM Group, LLC. The web design and online marketing agency have to bear with such practices from competitors as no ethically upright company would resort to such things, ever.

Reality #2: Customer Advocacy Sites Shrug Off Fighting for Customers.

Reading through the fine prints, you will notice that except for a few (near to nil) review and rating sites actually take the responsibility to stand up on behalf of the plaintiff and bring around some meaningful solution. What we generally see is people posting their opinions without pointing out to the exact problem or even giving a background of their experience that was not up to the mark.

This way the customer advocacy site loses it essence and comes down to being a site to vent your experience with a company. This makes it all the more easy and convenient for shady companies to post a negative review about an otherwise upright company because there is virtually no authority to control such malicious moves. And you want to base on business decisions based on such biased records??

Reality #3: Insufficient Data to Derive Meaningful Analysis

Often you see just two or three reviews posted for a company listed on customer advocacy sites. That’s fairly alright for a company like The PDM Group LLC that is not very gung-ho about pressing clients to post reviews. Consider this: Say, there are only two reviews for the company then in a such situation, if both are found positive the rating is a glorious A and if not, it’s rated F. Pause for a while and think, should you be making your decision based on ratings which are a result of just a hand-full of reviews? The choice is yours.


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